About Celery City Coffee Roasters

As specialty coffee roaster in west Michigan, we have the artisan experience necessary to bring out the full flavor of any light, medium or dark roasted single origin specialty grade coffee.

Our average batch size is 2kg (4.4lbs), giving us the ability to respond quickly to special orders and frequently turn inventory, so that we can continue to offer maximum freshness for every order. If you are looking for something specific, please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we have access to many green, single origin 100% Arabica coffee beans which we will roast to your specification on very short notice.


Coffee cup and coffee beans on table

From The Founder

mark harrison

“I found that a truly good cup of coffee was somewhat of a rare bird. My primary objective is to be able to provide the more discerning coffee drinker an extraordinary tasting cup of coffee to start their day. If one is going to take time to prepare coffee using correct ratios and brew methods, quality ingredients are a must. When I started roasting single origin coffee beans on a very small scale, I would give the coffee to friends and family. Everyone was amazed of the difference in flavor of the specialty grade coffee, freshly roasted in small batches versus their traditional source(s). After researching the numerous coffee roasters, we settled on a Turkish made roaster that showed excellent roast quality and consistency. We then began our journey as a small batch specialty coffee roaster in west Michigan to make new friends and create business relationships with coffee lovers.” 

Roast Profile Development

Before our single origin coffees are marketed, we pull beans at a number of temperature intervals throughout the test roast. Each temperature variation is cupped (taste tested) to determine our light, medium and dark roast profiles for each origin coffee. The selections are tested again via Pour-Over, Drip and French Press brewing methods. This will always ensure each single origin coffee is roasted to perfection for ultimate flavor

What is Celery City?

Portage, Michigan earned the nickname “Celery City” in the late 1800’s due to the early settlers discovery that the rich dark soil was prime for celery farming. You can learn more about Portage, Michigan’s Celery City here.